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2008-11-08 19:39:03 by kretan

Well no, not really. but im on my path to become wiccan. and if any1 is wonderin "Why did this idiot just post this if its just a stupid short message" its because i wanted to see how many people will say "RAGH! SATIN WORSHIPER! I BANISH THEE TO HELL!! ragh im christian or catholic." then i'll laugh at them for bein stupid and not knowing the real truth.

Okay time for the REAL reason why i did this post. As i mentioned before, im on my path. and i need some serious guidance. so if ters any wiccans out there please give me an email

stupid person, out -End transmission-


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2008-11-09 21:22:55

I quit the path, it wasn't for me... too many regulations and rules...

kretan responds:

Well keep searchin for a religion thats right for you ^.^ or maybe you just dont care and you'll b atheist...whatever the case hope your life is happy ^.^


2008-12-05 18:29:27

RAGH! SATIN WORSHIPER! I BANISH THEE TO HELL!! ragh im christian or catholic..err Atheist.

kretan responds:



2009-01-11 11:16:23

im atheist so i cant say much but i dont really think anyone is right or wrong you got priests and devil worshippers beating the hell out of each other these days so its hard to say for sure but i just decided to remain nuetral


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