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2009-06-28 10:38:33 by kretan

checked out the art page and saw that there was very little furry art. that made me sad T_T. So c'mon furries submit everything you've got :D

P.S. anyone know how to get better at drawing? cuz practice practice practice aint working -.-*

Humiliating my friend

2009-02-28 01:09:01 by kretan

Please help by spreading this motivational poster of my friend getting ponytails by a bunch of chicks

Humiliating my friend


2008-11-08 19:39:03 by kretan

Well no, not really. but im on my path to become wiccan. and if any1 is wonderin "Why did this idiot just post this if its just a stupid short message" its because i wanted to see how many people will say "RAGH! SATIN WORSHIPER! I BANISH THEE TO HELL!! ragh im christian or catholic." then i'll laugh at them for bein stupid and not knowing the real truth.

Okay time for the REAL reason why i did this post. As i mentioned before, im on my path. and i need some serious guidance. so if ters any wiccans out there please give me an email

stupid person, out -End transmission-

my animation

2008-01-19 10:09:12 by kretan

i think there might be something wrong with my animatio.the best drawing i can do in real life looks like the best drawing i could do 5 years ago. please tell me what tools to use for animation. than you.